What Is Tunable White Lighting?

Tunable White Lighting Technology Is Defined As the Ability To Control A Light Source’s Colour Temperature Output From 2700K To 6500K, Extreme Warm White To Extreme Cool White. In Addition Smart Tunable Solutions Also Offer You Flexibility To Tune The Light Intensity Suiting Your Moods And Eye Comfort, User Can Do This With Comfort Of Mobile App, Handheld Device Or Wall Console System, With Total Flexibility To Select Desired Colour Of White Anywhere Between 2700K To 6500K Range Or Specified In TDS, In Addition With Smart Solutions User Can Preset The Scenes Matching To Various Tasks And Scenarios. Dynamic Tunable White Lighting Is One Of The Most Innovative Changes In Lighting Technology In Recent Years, The Ability To Have Full Control Over The CCT Of Your Light Source Was Previously Inconceivable. The Tunable White Lighting Is Not Only Important From A Function And Design Approach, But A Human Centric And Health Conscious Reasons, It Also Looks Quite Beautiful.  

 How And Where Can You Use Tunable Dynamic White Lighting?    

You May Choose The Use Of Tunable White Lighting Options To Control Ambiance Or For Health Benefits, There Are Many Different Ways You Can Add Tunable White LED Strips To Your Décor. It Can Be Used In Just About Any Place. Below Are Some Places That Take Advantage Of Dim To Warm Lighting:

Hospitality & RestaurantsArchitecture
Board RoomsRetail Stores

  Significance Of Smart Lighting Solution In Design And Architecture  

We Believe That Lighting Is Not Something That Should Be Considered As A Final Touch Or An Accessory To Design. Lighting Is Just As Important As The Wood Selection, Angles Of The Structure, Or Colour Of The Paint. Something Important To Note About Tunable White Lighting Is That Regardless Of The Style Of Architectural Or Interior Design, Accommodating Lighting In Order To Enhance Certain Aspects Of The Building Is Crucial For The Achievement Of A Certain Look And Quality. With Smart Lighting Technology Gives Total Flexibility To Tune In The Perfect Colour Of Light To Compliment And Meet Your Design Concept, But You Have Full Control To Change The Colour Depending On A Future Desired Look.